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Irelands leading insolvency practitioners again produce an enlightened report on Insolvency developements in Ireland during 2012 and the outlook for 2013.

Appointment of liquidator: Jackie Ennis Limited

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Jackie Ennis Ltd. t/a Patsy’s Old Log Cabin was  placed in liquidation on New Years Eve, 2012 and John O Connell was appointed liquidator at a creditors meeting  that afternoon.

Appointment of liquidator: Westwood Horizons Limited

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Westwood Horizons Ltd. a building company based in Cork and  Skibereen has been put into liquidation. John O Connell was appointed liquidator  at a New -Years- Eve Creditors Meeting.

Appointment of Official Liquidator: Pink Stone Limited

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Pink Stone Ltd  t/a  Kinsale Distribution Company(KDC) was placed in official liquidation on 17th December, 2012 by Order of the High Court. John O Connell was appointed Official Liquidator.

The Great Deleveraging – The Next Phase in Irish Banking

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 Interesting article on what’s to come for the heavily  indebted, both a treat and an opportunity for most punters and a clear warning that the  heavily indebted will be dealing with a new banker within 2 years. If  he/she is a practical banker, it must be for the good. For those awake the opportunity is unbelievable but  those asleep will be eaten by sharks. For those with no debt I  can only say well done.

Accountant was validly appointed as liquidator to transport firm, says judge

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Mr Justice Sean Ryan applies legally acceptable and practically feasible   principles to lodgement of proxys for creditors meetings  and  confirms   appointment of John O Connell  as liquidator of Managh International Transport Ltd.

Managh International Transport Ltd  v  Companies Acts

2012 IEHC 444       High Court Record Number 2012 472 COS

The mystery of low corporate insolvency levels in the UK

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Nick Hood reckons times might be bad while business is flat or declining but once the economy shows signs of turning and businesses  hunt increased sales, its then the real working capital crunch occurs and the weak zombie companies tumble like flies.

Appointment of Official Liquidator: Braldi Limited

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Braldi Ltd  T/A Bonnar Luby Construction, a long established  Cashel based   construction company was placed in Liquidation by Order of the High Court on 12th March, 2012.  John O Connell was appointed Official Liquidator.

‘Phoenix’ Companies under the eyes of the Revenue

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Are you been monitored

Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Ireland

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An excellent article by Irelands leading Insolvency Practitioners where they shares there thoughts on the key insolvency events of 2011 and the emerging trends for 2012. They note the lack of liquidity, the developing trends in receiverships and debt restructuring, the emergence of auction houses and the oncoming changes in personal insolvency legislation.

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