John O Connell, FCA,

Dip.Insolvency,Cert Pers Insol, DIP FT. 


  • Taxation
  • Insolvency

John O Connell has 35 years general practical experience, including 5 years with international firms. Since commencing in practice in 1982, John has specialised in taxation and insolvency in Cork, Limerick,Waterford, Tipperary and further afield. During this period he has gained considerable experience in all aspects of insolvency including corporate turnaround, the insolvency process, court and voluntary liquidations, receiverships, bank restructuring and personal insolvency.  He holds both  a post graduate Diploma  in Insolvency and a Certificate in Personal Insolvency  from Chartered Accountants Ireland.

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Kieran Twomey,FCPA,

Dip.Insolvency, Cert Pers Insol. CTax                                                         


  • Agricultural Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Insolvency
  • Taxation

Kieran Twomey is an accounts and taxation   manager at John O Connell & Co with over 20 years practice experience. He specialises in  the agricultural and construction sectors including contractors. He recently completed  a post graduate Diploma  in Insolvency with Chartered Accountants Ireland and is a Certified Tax Advisor.

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Hilary Gordon, ACA, Dip. For. Acc.


  • SME Accounting Services
  • Forensic Accounting

Hillary Gordon is an accounts manager at John O Connell & Co. She has over 13 years practice experience and specialises in SME’s. She has completed  a post graduate qualification in Forensic Accounting with Chartered Accountants Ireland.

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Elizabeth Feehan


  • Healthcare Accounting Services
  • Hospitality Accounting Services
  • Food Processing Accounting Services

Elizabeth Feehan is an accounts manager at John O Connell & Co. She has over 20 years practice experience and specialises in the healthcare, hospitality and food processing sectors.

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